Recent Reads

Bodil Stokkecreated at April 17th, 2019read at January 25th, 2020

Learning Parser Combinators With Rust

Condensed and fantastic tutorial.

Alain Galvancreated at April 18th, 2017read at January 17th, 2020

Switching between JavaScript, C++, and Rust

A look into the similarities and differences between JavaScript, C++, and Rust.

Allen Wirfs-Brockcreated at February 15th, 2011read at January 14th, 2020

Testing for -0 in JavaScript

Finding negative zeros. Useless, but interesting.

Samuel Maddockcreated at January 7th, 2020read at January 7th, 2020

The End of Indie Web Browsers: You Can (Not) Compete

A look into the oximoronic anti-competitive open areas of software.

Cliff L. Bifflecreated at June 6th, 2019read at January 6th, 2020

Making really tiny WebAssembly graphics demos

Miniature wasm demos with Rust.

Cliff L. Bifflecreated at December 1st, 2019read at January 5th, 2020

Learn Rust the Dangerous Way

Converting optimized C to clean Rust. Amazing intro to very low level optimizations.

Cliff L. Bifflecreated at February 6th, 2019read at January 4th, 2020

Prefer Rust to C/C++ for new code.

Don't need to rewrite C/C++, but new projects should be rust-only.

Lilian Saget-Lethiascreated at December 29th, 2019read at December 31st, 2019

Deno, first approach

Deno explained as best one can.

Evan Wallacecreated at June 7th, 2017read at December 17th, 2019

WebAssembly cut Figma's load time by 3x

A practical application of wasm for modern day web applications.

James Munnscreated at December 16th, 2019read at December 16th, 2019

From zero to main(): Bare metal Rust

An interesting look in Rust's application as a language for extremely low level hardware.

Deepu K Sasidharancreated at December 3rd, 2019read at December 3rd, 2019

Golang for JavaScript developers - Part 1

A nice introduction to golang. I am a firm believer that a great way to introduce new programming languages is to compare it to old ones. This worked very well for me.

Ben Lovycreated at November 15th, 2019read at November 20th, 2019

Creative Coding in Rust with Nannou

Great introduction to Nanou. I loved p5.js and creative coding with canvas, so this was a really great read for me.

Keith Cirkelcreated at June 17th, 2015read at November 17th, 2019

Metaprogramming in ES6: Symbols and why they're awesome

A fantastic read on symbols & well-known symbols. I trashed an article I was writing when I found this one.

Athan Reinescreated at March 26th, 2018read at October 6th, 2019

WebAssembly and the Future of the Web

This isn't actually an article, but it's one of the best explanations of wasm I've ever seen.

Tom Dalecreated at July 14th, 2017read at March 14th, 2019

Adventures in Microbenchmarking

Tom Dale makes a good case to either not micro-benchmark or be VERY careful when trying.