Calvin Kipperman

Web Developer

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Hey there! I’m a fullstack web developer with a strong UI background.

I develop complex and beautiful web and native applications with a variety of web frameworks and technlogies.

I also write articles. You can read some of them here!

Voice Acting

Aside from developing, I do voice work for videogames, animations, and commercials. No, seriously, I have an IMDb page.

If you want to read more about that, you can head over to my voice work website, https://emnudge.com.


Frontend Frameworks


Other Tech



While I will ocassionally post articles to my website, they are usually rather general in scope or taken from one of my better posts elsewhere.

For more coding-specific articles, I tend to post to dev.to as they often get a lot more attention, which is something I prefer when trying to teach coding.

codepen codesandbox


I am constantly coding. Whether it’s for long term projects, small examples, or purely practice. Larger or practical work will be on my Github, but I will have a ton of examples and experiments on my codepen and codesandbox.

I will also have some more noteable ones listed on my projects page!